Take a look at what some of Alyssa’s colleagues and clients have said about working with her:

Christopher Hawkins
Chief Developer and Author:

Alyssa was the first copywriting hire whose work I could actually publish.  She was able to take my e-mail course and make it tighter, clearer, and more concise.  It’s not easy to take someone else’s material and make it sound like it was written by a human being, but she pulled it off.

To date, multiple hundreds of students have read the course material that Alyssa worked on for me, and I’m very happy with the outcome.  I’d re-hire Alyssa in a heartbeat.

Marie Sardalla-Davis
Marketing Communications, Content Writing, Editing, Social Media branding:

Alyssa and I first worked together in the President’s Office at CSU Stanislaus. She quickly impressed all of us with her sharp intellect, professional demeanor, and creativity. She is a whiz at writing and editing. I recommended her to the president for a special project, and she conceived and executed it with excellence.

Years later, Alyssa supervised a group of thesis readers, and I was among them. She was thorough, precise, and personable. She earned my admiration even more with her superb leadership skills.

Anything Alyssa sets her mind to, she will accomplish to perfection.

Ian Landsman

Founder, UserScape:

Alyssa was our first hire outside of development or support and I was thrilled that she was able to instantly fit in with our development oriented team. It can sometimes be challenging to find your groove when working remotely, but she handled it beautifully.

During her time at UserScape she established blogs for each of our products, managed our social media accounts, worked on ebooks and long format content, and even live blogged an annual conference we run.

She’s passionate about inbound and social marketing and would be a great fit for a team looking to up their content marketing game.