Alyssa’s areas of interest include tech, startup culture, productivity, and remote work; but she’s particularly adept at shaping her voice and tone to suit each client’s needs, and ghostwriting in the voice of others. Here is a small sampling of her work.

Content Marketing

Do Developers Need College Degrees?
#education #career #developers

Overwhelmed By Your Workload? How To Escape The Too-Many-Tasks Trap
#organization #productivity #timemanagement

Should Founders be Bloggers? How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Writer
#blogging #strategy

The Remote Worker: Client Communication
#freelance #clientmanagement #remotework

What Goes In a Content Marketing Plan
#marketing #howto #content
ghostwritten for Reimagine PR

Are You Cut Out for Agency Work?
#work #career #agency

Sleep Deprivation is Making You Dumber
#productivity #sleep #timemanagement

Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to a Truly Helpful Help Page
#ebook #customersupport
For the Snappy blog; this ebook was gated to capture email subscribers. I wrote and designed it.


I have written copy for many websites in a wide variety of business verticals; here is a small sampling of those.

HudsonAlpha Institute for BioTechnology

California State University, Stanislaus

Burgess Pigment Company

Dr. Soos Pediatrics

On My Personal Blogs

The Serious Me:

The Work That Only You Can Make

The Answer is Always Yes

The Entrepreneurial Me:

Mazzy Likes Me! She Really Likes Me!

The Humorous Me:

My Daring Journey Through the Impassable Labyrinth; or, my trip to H&M

The Mom Blogger Me:

Tech Tickets; or, how to pry the video game controllers out of your kid’s deformed, claw-like hands

How to Wean a Toddler (who does not want to be weaned)