Editorial Services

Whether you want to write your memoirs, polish your dissertation, or publish an ebook, we can help.


When our small, expert team edits your work, we will focus on clarity, tone, style, and structure, polishing your manuscript to its fullest potential. Depending on your manuscript, we may edit for citations and adherence to a style manual, as well. While often confused with proofreading, editing is actually more thorough and is done earlier in the writing process.

Whatever we edit for you, we always take the utmost care to preserve your unique voice and respect your style and intent, never imposing our own opinions on your work. Request an editing quote.


Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process; it’s intended as a final quality check before publishing, and focuses on surface errors (grammar, punctuation, formatting if applicable). This is our most basic (and most affordable) service. Request a proofreading quote.

A note about proofreading vs. editing: If you commission a proofreading package, and we determine that your work really needs editing, we will contact you to offer an upgrade. Please understand that we cannot “edit” at the “proofreading” cost.


Do you have a book inside you, but no time or inclination to write it yourself? Or maybe you’re a CEO who needs to be publishing articles in industry magazines and websites. Whatever your wishes, we can work closely with you to write exactly what you need, in your authentic voice. Even you’ll think you wrote it yourself!

Book Manuscripts:

There are so many amazing people in this world with incredible stories. But they’re not all writers! And you don’t have to be a writer to publish a professional, well-written book about absolutely anything you want. That’s where we come in.

Founder and owner Alyssa Mazzina is the only ghostwriter on our team; you will be working directly with her, not with a member of her team.

Maybe you want to write your memoir and need the touch of a skilled writer to give your story the flow and tone it needs.

Or maybe you’re a business leader looking for that extra credibility and authority that comes with being a published author in your field. Did you know industry experts with published books can command higher pay at speaking engagements, charge more for their consulting services, and even close more deals?

You need more than “grammatically correct” and “factual.” You need a book that tells a story, that engages readers, that leaves them wanting to buy your next book. Alyssa is a seasoned writer who knows the industry and has the skills necessary to give you not just a book, but a great book:

All I need from you is time on the phone. You don’t have to put a single word on paper (or screen) if you don’t want to. I’ll talk with you, draw out your ideas, ask the questions I need for clarity, and create an outline of your book. Once you’ve approved the outline, I’ll begin writing.

This is a full-service process, and all you have to do is chat with me (I’m pretty pleasant company!). Generally I’ll need 8-15 hours total on the phone with you, scheduled at your convenience, and I’ll stay in touch with you at key milestones throughout the project so you’ll always know where we are and how your book is coming together. Inquire about my book packages.


Are you an industry expert looking to gain exposure and credibility through article writing? Do you have things to say, things of value, but no time or ability to put them in the form of engaging, relevant articles? After just an hour or two on the phone with us, you can relax and wait for your completed, polished article. We require no credit and nobody ever has to know you didn’t write it entirely alone. It’s your idea, after all, and your article!

Want to learn more? Drop me a note.