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Alyssa Mazzina

Founder & Owner
Primary Writer & Content Strategist

My team at AMazzina LLC is made up of hand-selected editors, copywriters, and assistants chosen with care. When you work with us, you’re working with me; I review and approve every piece of writing that leaves our shop, and I am the first line of contact for each and every client.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English (magna cum laude)
  • 15+ year background in academic writing, ghostwriting, journalism, blogging, and fiction; a genuine passion for words
  • 7+ years developing and implementing large-scale communication plans

  • 5+ years content marketing, social media marketing, and blogging experience

  • 5+ years hiring and management experience, including management of creative staff
  • 10+ years email and direct mail marketing experience

  • Expertise in WordPress including development of blogs from scratch

  • Knowledge of and extensive experience with SEO

  • Experience creating visual content and skilled in both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign 

  • Data-driven marketer able to confidently report ROI on content and social efforts
  • Active and experienced on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and proven entrepreneurial success
  • 7+ years telecommuting/working remotely

Meet the Team:

Alexia BrooksLizzie Perrin
Alexia has been writing and editing her family and friends’ words for most of her life. She pursued a degree in film with the intent of becoming a director, but realized during that process that writing was her passion. She went on to receive a BA in English in 2011 and an MA in English in 2013.

During her career, she has acted as a graduate copy editor for her university’s newspaper, produced weekly content as a student blogger, and was a copy editor for a startup publishing house out of Oakland, CA. Most recently, she taught college composition to freshmen and sophomores.

Alexia’s primary specialties are copywriting and editing. She also enjoys blogging.
A musician from birth, Lizzie began writing lyrics when she was a little girl and has been purposefully wordsmithing ever since. Most of her professional career has required a heavy stack of policy and technical writing, editing, and internal/external communications, but she most enjoys blogging, writing short narratives, and staying active on social media.

Lizzie has a BA in communication with a minor in music, and an MA in public administration. She has worked in state government for over 7 years and is currently the senior editor for Landmark Messenger. Lizzie is married to Nick and they have a son named Max, who is pretty perfect.

Lizzie's primary specialties are blogging and social media marketing.
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